LUMEN IURIS is an academic center focused on the research and education in Law and Social Studies. It is constituted as the training brunch of Parquet & Asociados.

Through its activities, it aims to:

The training and improvement of every individual or company interested in developing their knowledge, preparing it to understand the universal conception of the law as to face their modern challenges, expressions and modalities.

Scientific research in Law and Social Studies, aimed to collaborate to the society and the legal community both national and foreign.

Attend the conception of contemporary law principles with emphasis on the modern emerging disciplines and holding on to its fundamental guiding principles.

Encourage the debate through ambitious and creative programs based on rigorous scientific and educational methods, bearing everyone’s point of view and personal convictions.

Promote academic workshops, conferences, seminars and lectures along with other events, as valuable and irreplaceable instruments for the achievement of their goals.

Conceive and articulate regulatory proposals in response to the modern challenges faced by our society.

Contribute and collaborate with public authorities and private institutions of our community in their needs, activities and ambitions.

Finally, to serve the country and its institutions through the development of ideas and knowledge, grounds for the welfare and social cohesion of its citizen.


Parquet & Asociados is a member of Ontier, the first global law firm that has been created using an innovative model in which the local approach defines the international strategy. With 21 offices in 14 countries around the world all sharing the same unique brand, cultures and values, we combine local knowledge and expertise to find effective, commercial solutions to the most demanding international challenges.

The Study is recognized as one of the TOP TIER of the Paraguayan legal market

Lumen-iuris-PrimeraIs an academic center focused on the research and education in Law and Social Studies