Public Law

  • Administrative regulation. Development of legal and administrative regulations.
  • Restructuration of organic and functional norms. Manual of Operation and Proceeding.
  • Reglamentary activity of the Administration.
  • Contest of public actions of nullity and revocability. Regime of revocability ofacts
  • Public Community Law.
  • Application of private law on administrative issues. .
  • Procedure of administrative and unconstitutional actions and other legal proceedings.
  • Advice and representation on administrative summaries.
  • Implementation of administrative instruments and documents.
  • Consulting services to international organisms.
  • Management control and supervision in institutional audits.
  • Advice in projects of mines and energy.
  • Assistance in Police law.
  • Assistance in the procedure of land expropriation
  • General advice on national and international state public biddings.
  • Counseling in the field of public bidding.
  • Advice in the concession of public services.
  • Economic public Law.
  • Contracts of the administration.
  • Joint Ventures and shared-risk contracts
  • Advice on public services.
  • Litigation on regulatory matters before administrative agencies and judicial courts, in all stages and jurisdictions, including the Supreme Court.
  • Advice in the concession of public services.
  • Legal advice on projects of Public Private Alliance in both public and private initiative.
  • Legal advice on financing projects under the regime of Law No. 5074/2013.
  • Advice on guarantee trusts.
  • Legal advice to State entities.

Dispute Resolution. Litigation and Arbitration

  • Civil and commercial litigation.
  • Investment and Commertial Arbitration
  • Mediation
  • Class Actions.
  • Corporate Disputes.
  • Product Liability.
  • Civil liability cases.
  • Antitrust cases.
  • Insurance litigation.
  • Enforcement of foreign judgments and awards in Parauay
  • Bankruptcy and creditors’ rights, including debt recovery.
  • Administrative proceedings.

Corporate and M&A

  • Registration, dissolution and liquidation of domestic and foreign companies.
  • Planning and incorporation of Corporate Joint Ventures.
  • Incorporation of civil associations and foundations.
  • Daily advice on general corporate matters.
  • Negotiation and implementation of Shareholders Agreements.
  • General corporate representation for public and private corporations.
  • Litigation on corporate disputes.
  • Negotiation and drafting ordinary and complex commercial agreements, including distribution, franchise, license and sponsorship and other contracts related to the ordinary course of business.
  • Advice related to habeas data

TMT (Telecoms, Media and Technology)

  • Drafting of license applications to provide telecommunication services and radio frequency use permits.
  • Representation of foreign companies before the local authority
  • Legal advice under the regulatory framework and in the different licenses, on issues related to the effective provision of several services, such as fixed line and mobile, satellite communications, data transmission, among others.
  • Counseling for the negotiation and drafting of agreements for network interconnections.
  • Counseling and representation in administrative proceedings before the local authority
  • Advice regarding antitrust in telecommunications sector.

Competition and Antitrust

  • Preliminary advice to identify relevant elements to obtain permits for economic concentration operations, according to the market involved.
  • Filing of advisory opinions with the antitrust authorities.
  • Defense in administrative proceedings or lawsuits filed as a result of the existence of possible anticompetitive behavior.
  • Legal advice in terms of market research and other administrative proceedings or lawsuits arising from the application of the Antitrust Law.


  • Drafting of RFPs.
  • Analysis of RFPs. Consultations. Clarifications.
  • Challenges of bidding processes.
  • Sponsors JVs.
  • Contractors JVs. Drafting and negotiation of PPP, PFI, BOT, BOO, DBFO, EPC contracts.
  • Drafting and negotiation of project monitoring and control contracts (“Owner’s Engineer” or “Contractor’s Contract Management”). Risk management, evaluation and mitigation during the drafting of RFPs, specifications, bids and during the life of the project both during the construction stage and operation and maintenance.
  • Structuring the financing to carry out the project. Banks and export credit agencies and multilateral lending agencies.
  • Review and follow up of environmental and governmental approvals.
  • Drafting, analysis and negotiation of permits and private authorizations (easements).
  • Analysis, drafting of responses and formulation of “Claims”.
  • Formulation of ethic manuals and training material for subcontractors and suppliers in general.

International law

  • Advice for investors in Paraguay
  • Commercial projects analysis.
  • Administrative procedures
  • International legal advice
  • Trademarks and Intellectual property
  • Legal advice on the  execution of sentences and arbitral awards  
  • Preparation of international contracts
  • Residency permission

Banking and Capital Markets

  • Secured and unsecured financing and credit lines.
  • Sovereign and sub-sovereign debt.
  • Multilateral and export agencies financing.
  • Commercial financing.
  • Leasing and other asset based financings.
  • Structured financing.
  • Project finance.
  • Leveraged buyouts and acquisition financing.
  • Negotiation of loans and debt restructuring.
  • Real estate financing.
  • Securitizations and guarantee trusts.
  • Private equity, mutual, pension, investment and direct investment funds.
  • Syndicated loans.

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